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Tax : Resident & Non Resident 

Resident & Non Resident Tax


resident tax

As far as HMRC is concerned, you are considered as resident for tax purposes in the UK if you are in UK for 183 days or more per tax year. You also need to consider if you go and work abroad for more than one year, you must not be back in the UK for more than 91 days, on average, in any 365 day period, for the duration of your time abroad. Another situation is that an individual may live in the UK permanently or remain for three years or more, then that individual resident from the date of arrival.


When you are resident in the UK you are normally taxed on the arising basis of taxation, meaning you will pay UK tax on


  • Your income which arises in the UK
  • Your income which arises outside the UK
  • Gains which accrue on the disposal of your assets anywhere in the world.


On the otherhand, if expatriates work abroad for more than one full tax year, they become non resident for tax purposes in their home country. This allows them to enjoy a number of tax advantages. For example, they would not pay income tax in their home country and instead pay income tax at the local, often at a lower rate. They also avoid paying capital gains tax on any chargeable gains made on assets acquired and disposed during that period of non residence.


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