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Tax : Domicile & Non Domicile 

Domicile & Non Domicile Tax


domicile tax

Domicile can be defined as the country the individual would consider home and where they would expect to return after a period overseas. Therefore, it is something permanent than residence. An individual can acquire a Domicile of Choice so long as a move abroad has the intention of permanency.


The qualification for domicile status is quite straightforward. The fact that you have lived in the UK for most of your life or are now living here permanently gives a good indication that you might be domiciled in the UK. There are 03 main types of domicile. They are,


01. Domicile of origin


You normally acquire a domicile of origin from your father when you are born. It need not be the country in which you were born.


02. Domicile of choice


You have a legal capacity to acquire a new domicile at the age of 16. Broadly, to acquire a domicile of choice, you must leave your current country of domicile and settle in another country.


03. Domicile of dependence


Until you have the legal capacity to change it, your domicile will follow that of the person on whom you are legally dependent.


Tax Implications


In accordance with the viewpoint if HMRC, being domiciled in UK is applicable only if you have foreign income or gains during a tax year. The gains will fall either under income tax or capital gains tax. But, if you do not have any foreign income or gains then your domicile status has no effect on your UK income tax or capital gains tax position and you do not need to consider it.

It is highly unlikely that HMRC challenges anyone who claims to be domiciled in the UK. On the otherhand, if someone says that they are non domiciled in the UK, HMRC will check the authenticity of such a claim. HMRC will especially check the genuineness of this claim if that person was born in the UK. This will of course be an in depth examination of your background, lifestyle and intentions over the course of your lifetime. Any check of this sort will extend to areas of your life, and that of your family, that you might not normally think are relevant to your UK tax affairs.


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